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Daniel Rous

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Daniel Rous is a designer based in London, creating products for manufactures and retailers across multiple product categories. Previously working in Treviso, Italy, his experience of working with skilled crafts in the region shaped his design approach. Alongside freelance design work, Daniel is developing work with companies based across Europe and the UK. 

Born in UK, Daniel Rous graduated in 2013 from the Bath School of Art & Design. The following year he moved to Treviso, Italy where he was a resident designer at Fabrica Research Centre for one year. After the residency he was invited to stay on as design consultant working with an international team across a variety of disciplines.

In 2017 he moved to London, working as designer and consultant for brands and studios including Bethan Laura Wood, Established & Sons, Faye Toogood, DesignStudio and Pentagram.

Édition 2019